Amici 20 evening, episode 20 March: Gaia and Esa eliminated

Tonight, Saturday 20 March, Maria De Filippi opens the dances of the Evening phase of Amici 20, the longest-running talent show on TV. For the debut three very welcome guests: the actress, friend and companion of television adventures Sabrina Ferilli and the extraordinary comic actors “aficionados” of the talent show Pio and Amedeo. Try online acting classes free.

External judges of this first episode of Amici 20 will be Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Stash and Stefano di Martino.

Each team will be able to challenge another and then decree the eliminated at the end of the challenge or a confrontation. Here you can read the previews on the first episode of the talent show, recorded this week.

Here are the Amici 20 teams.

Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano
It is made up of 5 singers, Sangiovanni, Esa, Leonardo, Deddy and Enula, and 2 dancers, Tommaso and Serena.

Sangiovanni, stage name of Giovanni Damian, songwriter, born in 2003, born in Vicenza. He enters the school presenting the unpublished “Guccy Bag” which immediately turned out to be a
record success. Chosen by both Zerbi and Pettinelli, he preferred to rely on Rudy Zerbi. Thanks to Amici he publishes three unreleased “Guccy Bag”, produced by Bias, “Lady”, produced by Zef and certified gold with over 35,000 copies sold, and “All night”, produced by DRD and Bias.

Esa, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and conductor, born in 1998 in Lille, France. He enters Amici with the unpublished “Tell me”. Immediately Prof Anna Pettinelli has doubts about her way of singing, so much so that she comes to define it “out of tune”, a reason for clash and discussion between the two. Instead Rudy Zerbi considers him a boy with an immense heart, he believes in his talent and chooses him to join his team. Ad Amici Esa presents 2 unpublished “Dimmi” produced and published by Etta Matters and “Ci sto male”, produced by Etta Matters and Pietro Cunibertii.

Leonardo LaMacchia, singer-songwriter, born in 1994, born in Bari. After his experience in 2017 in the New Proposals section at the Sanremo Festival, he introduces himself to Amici with the unpublished “The appointment”. Both Arisa and Zerbi are strongly interested in having him in their team and he chooses to join Zerbi’s team. With Amici he publishes the unpublished “Via Padova”, produced by Michele Canova, “Christmas and summer” and “Orione” produced by Dorado Inc and Giordano Colombo.

Deddy, stage name of Dennis, songwriter, self-taught, born in 2001, born in Turin. He enters Amici at a school which began by winning a singing challenge wanted by Rudy Zerbi (who becomes his Prof) against Giulio, Arisa’s former student forced to leave the talent. The song with which he wins the challenge is “Words at random” performance not worthy of a jersey according to Prof Pettinelli because in his opinion Deddy follows too much in the footsteps
of other established artists. He publishes the unpublished “Il cielo contromano”, “Parole a chance” and “Ancora in due”, all three produced by Michele Canova.

Enula, singer-songwriter, born in 1998 in Magenta (MI). She enters Amici by winning a challenge wanted by Zerbi against Letizia (opera singer of Arisa team who left school). She shows up with the unpublished “Earphones” which, thanks to Amici, she publishes with the production of Frenetik & Orang3. The second piece of Enula available on digital platforms is “Con (Torta)”, produced by Francesco “Katoo” Catitti.

Tommaso, born in 2001, born in Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO). Enfant prodigy of figure skating after winning several Italian championships he decides to study dance only 3 years ago. His talent is such as to induce Prof Celentano to believe that there is a good basis for entering Amici’s school, so much so that she asks for the last bench available.

Serena, class of 2000, born in Syracuse. She starts dancing at the age of 3 and from 13 to 16 she studies ballet at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. She joined Amici in mid-February because she was appreciated by all her Profs, in particular by Celentano who saw in her a great talent and a good technical level and for this reason she decided to assign her a bench.

Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini
Formed by 1 singer, Aka7even, and 2 dancers, Giulia and Samuele.

Aka7even, stage name of Luca, class of 2000, born in Vico Equense (NA). Join Amici in the Pettinelli team by presenting his unreleased “Yellow”. During his journey within the school he found a very special understanding with the dancer Martina. “Yellow” and “I miss you” were both published by the talent and produced by Cosmophonix.

Samuele, born in 1997, born in Este (PD). He begins to take an interest in dance at 12, when he starts studying hip hop. He loves
art in all its forms, from comics to cinema, passing through acting. Enter Amici dancing a solo choreographed by him on the notes of the song “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra.

Giulia, class of 2002, born in Rome. She begins to dance ballet at age 3 and later she deepens the study of
modern and joins the Nough Megacrew. She enters Amici dancing “TKN” by Rosalia and Travis Scott and is chosen by Prof
Veronica Peparini. Giulia, within the school, has followed a path of professional but also emotional growth, managing to dissect the reason for her insecurities and her not believing in herself.

Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini
Composed of 4 singers, Raffaele, Gaia, Tancredi and Ibla and 3 dancers, Rosa, Martina and Alessandro.

Raffaele, singer-songwriter, born in 2000, born in Lamezia Terme (CZ). He enters Amici at the beginning of the edition. He presents himself with the unpublished “The sun in the windows”. Thanks to his talent, he publishes the unpublished “Senza Love”, “Il sole alle windows” and “Button Reset”, all three produced by Gorbaciof.

Gaia, born in 2001, born in Mondragone (CE). She has been studying singing since the age of 7 and it is the fourth time that she has attended Amici’s auditions. She shows up in the first half of February with the song “On the Floor” by J.Lo. Arisa immediately marries her talent because she considers her more structured and prepared than Elisabetta (her pupil of hers who leaves the program but who already has a desk in the next edition).

Tancredi, class of 2001, born in Milan. He enters Amici in February by winning a challenge wanted by Arisa against Evandro (a pupil of Anna Pettinelli). He appears in the studio with his unreleased “Fuori di Testa” and “Las Vegas”, a song that
Amici publishes with the production of Federico Nardelli and Giordano Colombo.

Ibla, stage name of Claudia, singer-songwriter, class of 1997, born in Porto Empedocle (AG). She becomes part of Amici’s class at the restart of the talent after the Christmas break, winning a challenge wanted by Rudy Zerbi against Kika (a student of the Arisa team who leaves school). She shows up with the unpublished “Libertad” published by Amici who in mid-February also publishes her second song “No te gusta” produced by Mastiff Beat. Ibla decides to be followed by Arisa.

Martina, class of 2000, born in Cagliari. She has been dancing Latin American since she was 5 years old. She is immediately appreciated by Lorella Cuccarini, who believes her in her abilities and in her potential while Alessandra Celentano would never have awarded her the jersey. Lorella Cuccarini sees in Martina the possibility of embarking on the path of the musical.

Rosa, class of 2000, born in Naples. She starts modern dancing at 5 years old. You enter Amici with a choreography on the piece by Ariana Grande “7 Rings”. It is Lorella Cuccarini who chooses her to be part of her team. Rosa was immediately criticized by the teacher Celentano who did not see enough talent in her.

Alessandro, class of 2000, born in Brindisi. At the age of 3, he began to dance Latin American dances while at 11 he also became passionate about hip hop and began to cultivate the desire to learn contemporary style, new modern and classical dance. He enters the school on January 9, 2021, winning a challenge against Riccardo (Cuccarini’s former pupil who leaves school) dancing Eminem’s “Lose yourself” and a taranta.