Elio Germano, do you remember in which famous and beloved film we saw him?

Born in 1980, the talented Elio Germano was born in Rome. We are talking about one of the most popular faces in the field of Italian interpretation, an extraordinarily talented actor who has won an incredible series of awards. At the same time, he graduated from scientific high school and attended an acting course. In the early years of his career, very young, he took part in the commercial of “Kinder Bueno” and was also part of a musical group he founded. Elio Germano boasts a very long list of immensely successful films in which he participated, but there is a particular, beloved and unforgettable film from our childhood, in which he starred: can you remember which one it is? Let’s find out together! Learn with acting online courses.


Elio Germano, do you remember him in the beloved film?
His talent was evident from a very young age. Not just a film and theater actor, Elio Germano has also conquered the small screen. Furthermore, his passion for music led him to form a musical group with which he has recorded four albums. A complete artist, therefore, and certainly highly appreciated by the public. Elio Germano himself was, as a child, the protagonist of a film that has become iconic and a symbol of childhood. Can you remember which movie it is? What if we told you that his nickname was “Cotoletta”? Well yes, that’s it. The famous actor made his big screen debut in the beloved film “You broke us daddy!”. Everyone will remember the film that followed the very nice group of “The untouchables”: adorable and very intelligent children struggling with a “war on the grown-ups”. Famous has also become the tune sung by the group, a real hymn to freedom!

Did you know that the protagonist of the famous film was the talented and fascinating Elio Germano? A truly incredible background regarding the extraordinary and beloved actor who made his debut with this film!