Who is Brando Giorgi? All about the newly shipwrecked actor on the Island of the Famous

Actor and former Italian model, he is known by the name of Brando Giorgi, but he is actually called Lelio Sanità di Toppi and is among the competitors in the next edition of The Island of the Famous. Born in 1966, he began his acting career by following a course with Beatrice Bracco and then attending an acting school. The film debut comes almost immediately with the film Bad Girls. The same year he begins a relationship with Mietta, which will last 7 years. After another film experience, he takes a break from acting and dedicates himself to modeling, becoming the testimonial of important brands such as Valentino, Trussardi and Pignatelli. In the 2000s, after a brief experience in the theater, he participated in numerous TV series including Incantesimo and Vivere, before participating in TV programs and reality shows. Get started with free online acting classes.

Career and history of Brando Giorgi

Defined as a “believer, practical and lover of Venezuela” in his presentation video for L’isola dei Famosi 2021, the first reality show in which Brando Giorgi participates is Notti sul ice 2, hosted by Milly Carlucci, broadcast on Rai 1, and followed by miniseries I Don’t Forget, and from the television movies Wife in Pieces and The Blood and the Rose. 2009 is the year of Claudio Fragrasso’s film, presented at the Venice Film Festival, Keep me – The age of words. Among the TV series in which he takes part there are also some episodes of Caterina and her daughters 3, Don Matteo, Sangue Caldo, Centro Vetrice, Un posto al sole, an episode of Camera Café and some episodes of L ’allieva. After the love story with Mietta, in 2013 he married the showgirl and actress Daniela Battizzocco with whom he had two children, Camilla and Niccolò, born respectively in 2000 and 2004. During the relationship with Mietta he took part and two video clips of the singer: Common people and Acqua di mare.